P. Stan

Growing Up:

Stan was born in Northern California on the Hoopa Indian Reservation in 1970, and spent the first 20 years of his life living in the Northern California mountain town of Orleans, just up the Klamath River from the reservation. His parents, Lonnie & Karen Johnson, owned a logging company in Orleans until they re-located to the Boise area in 1990. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister.
“Being born into a logging family, (my Grandpa Jack started logging with horses) I learned the value of hard work, long days, and problem solving to get the job done. You have to work as a team. If one person didn’t do their job, it affected the production of all. My Dad taught me to not to just work harder, but to work smarter. If you were not smart, you had a good chance of getting injured or killed.” Stan also says with a smile, “I think my Dad made me and my two brothers work in the woods during the summers to keep us in college. It worked! All three of us have college degrees and work in fields that we love.” He grew up hunting, fishing and riding motorcycles, things he still does with his family.

On Ministry:

Stan and Kris met in 1989 at Bible College and were married on August 1st 1992, beginning a life of full time ministry together. They have served 26 years in almost every capacity of ministry (including janitor) in 4 churches. They have been Lead Pastors at Kuna Life Church for over 20 years. “The first service we attended at KLC had around 15 people. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if this was where God wanted us, (we had just come from a church as Youth Pastors with 150 kids in our youth group- the KLC building was smaller than our youth room), and I would have to get a full time job outside the church just to live.” With 2 kids and one on the way, this required some faith. “After that service, we both knew that this is where God wanted us. We discovered that there were actually about 30 people who were a consistent part of KLC. As the church grew, KLC needed to build. (It was located at School St. and Avalon, which is now the Avalon Suites building.)
KLC outgrew that facility, sold it, and re-located to its current location by Kuna High School. Stan says this was exactly where God wanted KLC to be. “It’s a long story, but God did several miracles to place us at this location. As an outreach driven church, what better place is there than next to the High School and a grade school?

What we do as a Family:

“One thing that was very important to me is that my kids never felt they were ripped off in life because their parents were pastors. They didn’t choose what their parents do for a living, and being a PK can be tough. I’ve heard many stories of PK’s (Pastors Kids) who felt the church was more important than them. I don’t take those stories lightly. We tried to be very intentional about not letting that happen. My wife is my #1 after Jesus, my kids second and the church after them.” He says, “There has to be a balance. “My Dad taught us to have a strong work ethic, and that absolutely determines how I approach God’s call on my life, with absolute passion and integrity. Work hard and do the best you can.” On the flip side, he says spending time with his family is of absolute importance. “There aren’t many jobs in this country where you are literally on call 24/7, as pastors are. If it’s your day off and someone has a serious emergency, you’re there, day off or not.” But he also believes in protecting his family time. “We do get to spend a lot of time together as a family. We enjoy hunting season and family vacations, or just hanging out watching Duck Dynasty or other shows. We like ATV’s, horses and fishing. We try to have dinner together as often as we can, eating on the same table I did as a kid growing up.” We have a no phone policy at dinner (if you call when we’re eating, I won’t answer). Stan also has a side business painting houses on his days off, which he uses to fund family trips and other things. They often work together as family on these projects. “My kids flat out know how to work,” he says. “I am very proud of their work ethic. They are not afraid to get dirty to get the job done.” “I want my kids to know that what God has called us to do as Pastors is best job in the world. We actually get to make an eternal difference in a person’s life. That is priceless.”

As a church family, and at church services, my heart is that we will leave changed so we can live changed.

To contact Pastor Stan, you can email him at ps1441@msn.com